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WhatIFF 2.11

  • WhatIFF? ist ein Amiga-Magazin im Amiga Guide-Format. In dieser Ausgabe: ImageFX, OmniPort A1200, AmigaKit RED LEDs, Amiga CD32 Disc Reference Guide Book, CyberPunks 2, NightShift, LightWave, ImageFX, Brilliance, OctaMED, RTG - PiStorm32-lite, ELUDE Demos, Reducing noise in 8-bit samples, Modern Effects in Oldskool trackers, Amiga Magazines Yesterday Today, Custom music vs stock music, Revisiting Tokyo Retro Computer Users Meet, Apollo Team, Scorpion Engine - Erik Hogan, RNO Developer, BitBeam Cannon Demo - Aeon Legends und Acidic breakcore OctaMED multi-module.

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