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Old School Gamer - 37

  • Old School Gamer ist ein Magazin für Retro-Konsolenspieler. In dieser (kostenlosen) Ausgabe: Broderbund, U-Force, Karateka, Modern Day Retro, You are what you play, Interview with Richard Lowenstein, Berzerk, Atari recharged and enhanced, Wizardry Redux, The video game life, Indy update: Intellivision, Reviews: YS:II Novel' UNICO Monitor, Atari Game Station Pro, Vengeful Guardian Moonrider review, Football cheats, GRS Ikari rotary super joystick, Top 5 Best and worst pack-in games, So you wanna work on a magazine, From pixels to pages, We've Got Cons, TI's field guide to collecting, Heavy Hitters, Old school gamer bookshelf und No quarter corner.

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