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WhatIFF 2.13

  • WhatIFF? ist ein Amiga-Magazin im Amiga Guide-Format. In dieser Ausgabe: xT Amiga 600 Turbo Card, Open Amiga Sampler, Apollo Computer V4+ Standalone, RNOXfer, Aminet Goodies, Weasels gaming corner, The Deep, Dice Masters, Game gaphics: What NOT to do, Making modules 101, How to get better Samples, Easzy Aztec Graphics, Brilliance 101, Fun with Smear, Completing games at lLong last, Building a new Rejuvenator in 2024, Amiga paradox of choice, Amiga through the lens of LD Learner, Lessons from a 7Mhz CPU, Massimo Loi, Simone Bevilacqua, 8080, Willem Drijver, Shell Talk und Ivents Corner.

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